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What happens to Mosca and Riccio?
a) They move to Castello
b) They renovate the Star Palace
c) They move to the Isola Segreta
d) They sail the world on Mosca's boat

Why did the Conte want to fix the merry-go-round?
a) He wanted to relive his lost childhood
b) He wanted to surprise Morosina for her birthday
c) He was curious about what it could do
d) He wanted to sell it to Barbarossa

What happens to Barbarino?
a) He moves away with the Hartliebs
b) He becomes Victor's assistant
c) He disappears
d) He's adopted by Dottor Mossimo

What is Hornet's real name?
a) Caterina
b) Maria
c) Lucia
d) Esther

Why do Bo and Prosper choose to run away to Venice?
a) Their mother told them stories about it
b) They're looking for their father
c) They're invited to come and stay with Ida
d) They follow Hornet there

What happens to the merry-go-round?
a) Barbarossa breaks it
b) Ida donates it to the orphanage
c) It catches fire
d) The Conte moves it to a secret location

Why does Barbarossa break onto the Isola Segreta?
a) He wants to make sure Prosper is safe
b) He thinks there's treasure to find
c) He wants to know the Conte's real identity
d) He's investigating the strange noises he's been hearing

Why does Scipio want to be an adult?
a) He wants to be free from his father
b) He wants to adopt Bo and Prosper
c) He wants to work at Barbarossa's store
d) He wants to be more intimidating as the Thief Lord

Why are Ida and the runaways forced to stop following the Conte?
a) They are shot at
b) The Conte's boat was faster than theirs
c) They have to save Bo
d) The police come

Why do the Hartliebs decide they no longer want to adopt Bo?
a) He acts like a monster
b) They decide Ida should adopt him instead
c) They don't want to deal with Prosper anymore
d) They decide to adopt Hornet instead

How does Barbarossa get past Morosina's dogs?
a) He feeds them poisoned meat
b) He waits until they go to sleep
c) He locks them in the barn
d) He sings them a lullaby

How does Victor become involved with the runaways?
a) The Hartliebs hire him to find Bo and Prosper
b) He wants to stop the Thief Lord from stealing from him
c) Dottor Mossimo hires him to clear out the Star Palace
d) He hires them for a job

What was the name of the family Renzo and Morosina worked for?
a) Valaresso
b) Hartlieb
c) Spivento
d) Pardini

Where did Ida grow up?
a) In an orphanage
b) On a farm
c) With the Valaressos
d) With Bo and Prosper's mother

Who are Lando and Paula?
a) Victor's pet turtles
b) Morosina's pet dogs
c) Ida's servants
d) Riccio's parents

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