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What effect did World War II have on Georgia’s economy?
a) Foreign imports increased
b) The state’s economy grew.
c) The unemployment rate rose.
d) Agricultural production soared.

In 1986, what was created in Georgia to remember the Holocaust?
a) Atlanta Holocaust Museum
b) National Holocaust Registry
c) Holocaust Remembrance Society
d) Georgia Commission on the Holocaust

What did Bell Aircraft build for the U.S. military during World War II
a) 727s
b) B-29 bombers
c) Fighter jets
d) Aircraft carriers

Both Brunswick and Savannah played important roles during World War II as
a) hangers
b) military bases
c) shipyards
d) arms depots

Which nation received the most help as a result of the Lend Lease Act of 1941
a) France
b) Germany
c) Soviet Union
d) Great Britain

For what purpose did Franklin D. Roosevelt often stay at the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia?
a) He had family in the area.
b) He owned several area businesses
c) He received treatment for his polio
d) He liked to vacation in the mountains.

Which U.S. president signed the Lend Lease program
a) Jimmy Carter
b) Herbert Hoover
c) Franklin Roosevelt
d) Dwight Eisenhower

Which accurately describes how the Lend Lease program assisted our European allies during World War II?
a) The program sent military advisers into Europe.
b) The program provided Europe agricultural products.
c) The program lent our allies military supplies.
d) The program released top secret information to our allies.

The boll weevil and the drought caused ____________.
a) farming to increse
b) agricultural decline
c) people to move to rural areas
d) an increase in cotton supply

What was the effect, or result, of the agricultural decline in Georgia?
a) It increase the number of farmers.
b) It caused Georgians to move away from farms and resulted in cities to gain population.
c) Farmers profit on cotton was higher than it has ever been
d) Georgia prospered from this decline.

What did the overproduction of crops mean during the 1920s and 30s?
a) When farmers had a higher income due to the increased value of their crops
b) Grocery stores were selling out of vegetables and needed more crops from farmers.
c) This made agriculture and farming the job to have during this time period.
d) The continued production of crops, even though demand was limited.

The___________ put young men to work on projects to help America’s environment, including planting trees, draining swampy land, and building parks.
a) Civilian Conservation Corps
b) Agricultural Adjustment Administration
c) Rural Electrification Administration
d) Social Security Act

What happened as a result of unemployment?
a) People were able to provide for their families.
b) A decrease in purchasing goods due to lack of income.
c) People were able to buy cars and radios
d) The poverty rate decreased.

In 1932, Democrat _________________was elected president of the United States,promising a “New Deal” for those suffering from the hard times.
a) Franklin Delano Roosevelt
b) Barack Obama
c) Theodore Roosevelt
d) Herbert Hoover

Why did so many banks fail during the Great Depression?
a) People were leaving the cities to become farmers, therefore banks were not needed anymore.
b) Back then, banks did not exist.
c) The banks invested depositors money in the stock market, and made risky loans that were not paid back.
d) People started to favor one bank, which led to all the other banks going out of business.

Eugene Talmadge was against President Roosevelt's New Deal programs because ____________________.
a) the programs were not helpful for Georgia.
b) the New Deal programs had not been created yet.
c) the programs increased government control
d) Georgia was not in need of help during the Great Depression.

Which of the following is a true statement about Black Tuesday?
a) It was the only cause of the Great Depression.
b) It was a result of a steady decline in the demand of stocks in the 12 months previous to the Great Depression.
c) It was caused by the Dust Bowl that wiped out farms in the midwest
d) It helped Americans get out of debt.

Which answer choice describes the New Deal?
a) A group of government programs established under President Roosevelt to provide relief in the 1930s
b) It was an amendment that desegregated all of the southern states.
c) It was Eugene Talmadge's plan to decrease industry and increase agriculture in the state of Georgia.
d) It was President Hoovers program to help the United States out of the Great Depression.

Describe why the bombing of Pearl Harbor would push America to join WWII.
a) Congress wanted to fight back for Japan's attack on America.
b) America wanted to join the Axis side and help Japan take over China.
c) It did not push America to join the war, because America was already in the war.
d) President Roosevelt did not declare war on Japan, because he promised America he would keep America out of the war.

Why did WWII bring relief, or help, to the state of Georgia?
a) The men went off to fight, so there were less people to feed and house.
b) It provided jobs by creating factories that built airplanes and ships.
c) Agriculture increased and farmers were able to profit from their crops.
d) WWII did not provide relief to Georgia, it increased the poverty Georgia was already suffering from.

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