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What is the Monroe Doctrine?
a) Tells Europe to stay out of the Americas.
b) This was a tour of the United States.
c) This involved a treaty with Britain to settle the borders.
d) This showed the President can put down rebellions.

The election of 1800 did which of the following?
a) President Washington was elected as the first president.
b) It replaced President Madison for starting the War of 1812
c) A peaceful transition of presidents of different parties.
d) It had the motion of habeas corpus as a major issue.

The case of McCulloch v. Maryland involved which of the following?
a) It said Maryland could tax a national bank.
b) It ruled that Marbury could not become a federal judge.
c) It ruled that the law was unconstitutional.
d) It said that national banks are supreme over the states.

The Embargo Act did which of the following?
a) It stopped trade with only Britain and France.
b) It stopped all trade between all the nations.
c) It improved the economy of the U.S.
d) It led to a war with France.

What was the effect of Hamilton's tariff plan?
a) It lowered the prices of imported goods.
b) It taxed local goods.
c) It raised the price of imported goods.
d) People bought more imported goods.

What did the National Bank NOT do?
a) Make loans to businesses.
b) Helped businesses hire more workers.
c) Taxed foreign imports.
d) Deposited all taxes the government raised.

What did Hamilton's plan on the national debt involve?
a) Paying the old debt with new bonds.
b) Refusing to pay the debt.
c) Making other nations mistrust us.
d) Raises taxes on exports.

Which is true about a checking account (there are two correct answers)?
a) Which is true about a checking account (there are two correct answers)?
b) It allows you to charge purchases at a store.
c) You pay an overdraft fee if you do not have enough money.
d) It allows you to write checks to pay bills.

President Madison did which of the following?
a) He led the U.S. during the war of 1812.
b) He ended the Whiskey Rebellion.

Which right is found in court?
a) The right to have an attorney in court and before the police.
b) Due Process which means a jury trial.
c) The right to have an official religion.

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