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The ancient Greeks believed their __________ caused events like thunder and earthquakes.
a) actions
b) parents
c) gods
d) kings

Greek mythology and literature has influenced many English __________ and expressions.
a) numbers
b) words
c) games
d) blank

Which of the following does not describe the first democracy in Athens?
a) Aristocrats had more power than citizens.
b) All citizens had the right to participate in the assembly.
c) Every citizen had the right to speak.
d) Citizens could serve on smaller councils.

Which of the following best describes a representative democracy?
a) Citizens elect officials to make the laws.
b) All citizens help make the laws.
c) All men, women, and children can vote.
d) Citizens act as judges and lawmakers.

Which of the following shows that Greeks strongly influenced our language?
a) English words are spelled using the Greek rules of spelling.
b) The English language is based on the letters of the Greek alphabet.
c) The English language was first spoken in ancient Greece.
d) Many English words and expressions came from Greek mythology.

Because traveling by land in Greece was difficult, the Greeks
a) became expert shipbuilders.
b) learned how to climb mountains.
c) gave up trying to travel.
d) took up farming.

Why did the Greeks create colonies?
a) they wanted to become rich from trade
b) they wanted to create a large empire
c) they wanted to conquer the entire Mediterranean region
d) they wanted to sail to exotic places

Which was the main cause for the independence of city-states in ancient Greece?
a) the Greekā€™s location on the sea
b) the threat of warlike neighbors to the north
c) the geography of mountainous peninsulas
d) the spread of Minoan culture

Why were the seas important to the early Greeks?
a) they provided drinking water
b) they provided water for crops
c) they provided great places to swim
d) they provided trade routes

Which of the following is NOT a way Greek city-states were protected?
a) mountains
b) city-states on acropolises
c) seas
d) heavy weaponry

How was the form of democracy in ancient Greece different from our current form of democratic government?
a) People debated issues.
b) Citizens voted on issues.
c) Voting took place on broken pieces of pottery.
d) Officials collected and counted the votes.

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