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What year of the cease fire signed that stopped the fighting of the Korean War?
a) 1950
b) 1963
c) 1953
d) 1952

In 1968, North Vietnamese forces ambushed South Vietnamese cities and towns, including the U.S. Embassy in Saigon. This attack was called the -
a) Gulf of Tonkin
b) D-Day
c) Pearl Harbor
d) Tet Offensive

Who was the U.S. President when the Korean War began?
a) Truman
b) Roosevelt
c) Eisenhower
d) Nixon

Who lead the American forces in Korea?
a) General Eisenhower
b) General MacArthur
c) General Patton
d) General Washington

What European power was the colonial ruler of Vietnam in the 1800s and early 1900s?
a) England
b) France
c) Spain
d) Germany

What divides North and South Korea?
a) The TMZ
b) The 17th Parallel
c) The DMZ
d) The 35th Parallel

What best describes the Japanese government?
a) Theocracy
b) Communism
c) Dictatorship
d) Parliamentary Democracy w/ Constituational Monarch

Japan experiences many earthquakes because-
a) it lies on the Ring of Fire
b) Mt. Fuji
c) It is an archipelago
d) of tsunamis

The Japanese economy has to make up for the country’s lack of
a) Education
b) Natural Resources
c) Population
d) Human Capital

According to “MacArthur’s Constitution” article 9 states that Japan is prohibited to do what?
a) The Emperor would lose his power
b) No military- and they may only attack if they are attacked
c) Give back all land seized
d) Give America all of their natural resources

Who was the 1st President of China?
a) Sun Yat-Sen
b) Mao Zedong
c) Ho Chi Minh
d) Chiang Kai-Shek

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