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Juneteenth happens on which day and what is its purpose?
a) June 10 and it is celebrating the confederate victory
b) June 19 and it is celebrating freedom from slavery
c) June 17 and its celebrating Abe Lincolns birthday
d) June 7 and its celebrating the Union Victory

John B. Magruder was commander during which battle?
a) Battle of Sabine
b) Battle of Palmito
c) Battle of Galveston
d) Battle of Houston

Why was Sam Houston removed as governor?
a) he was siding with mexico
b) he wanted to keep slavery for the people of Texas
c) refused to swear oath to the Confederacy
d) refused to swear oath to the Union

The battle of Palmito Ranch was...
a) Fought on the rio grande after the surrender of the Confederacy
b) Fought in Galveston on Juneteenth
c) Fought on the border of oklahoma and was the last battle of the war
d) was never fought

How did the issue of states' rights contribute to the outbreak of the war?
a) believed federal government were not permitted to raise tariffs
b) believed federal government should not intervene with states decesions
c) believed state governments can protect individual rights
d) US constitution prevented states from establishing local taxation

Which year did Texas join the Confederacy?
a) 1856
b) 1859
c) 1861
d) 1865

Texas thought that slavery was vital to their economy so they
a) wanted to leave the Union
b) wanted to leave the Confederacy
c) Joined Mexico
d) became their own state

Citizens divided on the Issue of slavery could best describe which era
a) US-Mexican War
b) War of 1812
c) American Civil War
d) Revolution

Which event happened first?
a) American Civil war fought
b) Texas Constitution adopted
c) Sam Houston removed as governor
d) Texas readmitted into the union

Why did Texas want to protect the Galveston seaport?
a) Create a blockade to union supplies
b) Protect their busiest seaport
c) hurt the Union navy
d) weaken the confederacy

Who was the 19th Governor of Texas?
a) Thomas Green
b) Lawrence Sullivan Ross
c) Francis Lubbock
d) John Bell Hood

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