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The formation of igneous rocks would be most closely associated with:
a) weathering.
b) erosion.
c) deposition.
d) heat.

The “hardness” of a mineral means its ability to resist being:
a) crushed with a hammer.
b) broken by dropping it onto a hard surface.
c) scratched by other solid materials.
d) melted by subjecting it to heat.

A student tested a mineral sample by tapping it with a hammer. It broke along flat surfaces. The mineral property demonstrated by the student’s test is:
a) density.
b) specific gravity
c) cleavage.
d) porosity.

Classifying rocks as igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic is based on differences in their:
a) formation.
b) particle size.
c) hardness.
d) age.

Which of the igneous rocks cooled most quickly?
a) Pegmatite
b) Rhyolite
c) Andesite
d) Obsidian

When layers of sediment are pressed together, it is known as:
a) cementing.
b) compaction.
c) crystallizing.
d) intrusive.

A metamorphic rock can be formed when heat and pressure change:
a) igneous rocks.
b) sedimentary rocks.
c) metamorphic rocks
d) All of the above

Quartz and feldspar are two inorganic, solid, naturally-occurring substances that are each an example of a(n) _______________.
a) extrusive
b) intrusive
c) minerals.
d) rocks.

The cooling and crystallizing of lava or magma cause the formation of _______________ rock
a) igneous
b) sedimentary
c) metamorphic
d) all of the above

Coal is formed when the remains of plants are buried by sediment and compressed between other rocks. Which rock type would best describe coal?
a) Igneous
b) Metamorphic
c) Sedimentary
d) Sediment

What process must occur for igneous rock to form from existing rock?
a) Heat must melt the rock.
b) The rock must be eroded.
c) Pressure must act on the rock.
d) Lava must erupt from a volcano.

Which best describes the rock cycle?
a) a series of processes describing how one type of rock can become another type of rock
b) a process to describe how different types of fossils are transformed into rocks
c) the shifting of tectonic plates as they move over the Earth’s surface
d) a method to identify the composition of crystals and minerals

Which mineral bubbles with HCl (hydrochloric acid)?
a) Halite
b) Sulfur
c) Calcite
d) Galena

Heat and pressure can transform igneous rock into metamorphic rock. What processes can transform igneous rock into sedimentary rock?
a) heat and pressure
b) convection and radiation
c) erosion and cementation
d) melting and cooling

Which mineral cleaves in thin sheets or one direction?
a) Gypsum
b) Muscovite (mica)
c) Calcite
d) Talc

Which property test is the least helpful?
a) cleavage
b) streak
c) luster
d) color

Which mineral forms when water evaporates from a solution of salt and water?
a) Halite
b) Calcite
c) Quartz
d) Gypsum

What is the way the mineral shines in light?
a) cleavage
b) streak
c) luster
d) color

Streak is the color of a mineral's ___________.
a) Surface
b) Powder
c) Reflection
d) Shadow

What is the numeric scale used to express the hardness of minerals?
a) Mineral Mode Scale
b) Hard Count Scale
c) Mohs Scale
d) Wiseman scale

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