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Newspapers, the internet, television and magazines can be described as
a) Precincts
b) Polling Places
c) Media
d) PACs

A president uses these carefully planned events to answer questions from the media.
a) Backgrounders
b) Press Conference
c) News Release
d) Propaganda

A government official makes an announcement or explains a policy, decision, or action is known as:
a) News Briefing
b) News Release
c) Press Conference
d) News Statement

Presidential candidates can use the electronic media to reach voters through which of the following ways?
a) Internet
b) Newspapers
c) Newsletters
d) Books

What type of interest group works to help people in a particular profession?
a) Single-Issue Groups
b) Professional Groups
c) Public Interest Groups
d) Economic Interest Groups

What are interest groups?
a) Groups that are concerned about a few issues and attempt to bring it to the attention of political officials
b) Committees of people who want to run for president.
c) Groups within a political party.
d) Committees that pass laws.

An interest group can do all of the following EXCEPT
a) Influence legislators to pass certain bills
b) Shape public opinion through propaganda
c) Vote to pass legislation
d) Contribute money to election campaigns

Local governments are established by who?
a) Federal
b) The king
c) State
d) Tribal

All of the following are types of local governments, EXCEPT:
a) County
b) Township
c) Familial
d) Municipalities

State constitutions do what?
a) Determine where the capital is.
b) Establishes different types of local governments.
c) Gives the citizens rights.
d) Establishes how a president is elected.

How do state governments make money?
a) They steal it.
b) Through taxes.
c) They earn it through work in the federal government.
d) Mesmio

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