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What is the measure of a complementary angle?
a) 180 degrees
b) 75 degrees
c) 90 degrees
d) 360 degrees

What is the measure of a supplementary angle?
a) 90 degrees
b) 180 degrees
c) 30 degrees
d) 270 degrees

Which of the following pairs of angles are complementary?
a) 45 and 30 degrees
b) 30 and 60 degrees
c) 60 and 60 degrees
d) 90 and 90 degrees

What angle is supplementary to an angle that measures 80 degrees?
a) 10 degrees
b) 80 degrees
c) 100 degrees
d) 170 degrees

Which of the following pairs of angles are supplementary?
a) 45 and 45 degrees
b) 30 and 150 degrees
c) 60 and 30 degrees
d) 30 and 180 degrees

If an angle measures 67 degrees, what is its complement?
a) 23 degrees
b) 33 degrees
c) 57 degrees
d) 113 degrees

a) 2
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

a) 44
b) 56
c) 8
d) 123

a) 12
b) 88
c) 0
d) 7

a) 66
b) 555
c) 78
d) 98

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