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Pam was on her way outside. She looked out at the dark gray sky. Then she went to her room to put on her raincoat, boots, and hat. Pam opened her umbrella as she stepped outdoors. From the story you can tell that
a) Pam wanted to play
b) The sun was shining
c) Rain was coming down

“You must help me, Bob,” said Mother. “I didn’t get to the store. I didn’t get the things for the party. You must help out. Please go to the store for me right away. Hurry. From the story you can tell that
a) There will soon be party.
b) The party is a long way off.
c) Bob looked all over for the dog.

“I want to paint a picture,” said Les. “I want to paint a picture of my school. I have some red paint and I have some red paint and I have some white paint. Will you give me some paper, Mother?” From the story you can tell that
a) Les saw the girls in the house.
b) The school isn’t very big.
c) The school is red and white.

There was a pie-eating contest. Tom was first. He was the first to eat his piece of pie. “I am not surprised,” said Mother. “You are always first here, too. You are always the first to eat your pie!” From the story you can tell that
a) Tom went to school
b) Tom was not a slow eater.
c) Mother could not believe that Tom won.

Aiden walked into the room. He saw Jennifer looking at him. Ellen was looking, too. Lee was looking at him. Mom and Dad kept looking, too. They all watched Aiden. From the story you can tell that
a) Ellen and Lee went to a party.
b) Five people looked at Aiden.
c) No one looked at Aiden.

“I know what we need,” said Ron. “We need a tree in our backyard. We could put one right here. It would help make the yard look pretty. “Mom, will you get us a tree?” From the story you can tell that
a) Ron wants Lee to buy some books
b) There were no trees in the backyard
c) The yard was full of trees
d) ----

Her mother passed her the eggs and the mixing bowl so she could begin stirring the dough. Heather loved to celebrate the holidays with yummy delicious treats made by her and her mother. What is Heather doing?
a) Making a salad
b) Making scrambled eggs
c) Making cookies
d) Decorating the house for the holidays

Jonathan waited nervously. He knew the nurse was going to call him next. He looked at the models of healthy teeth. He hoped his own teeth would be healthy. Where is Jonathan?
a) The zoo
b) The dentist
c) The mall
d) the doctor

Susan was annoyed about all the sand getting in her clothes. She had been working very hard with her brother to win the contest. Her father took a picture of her brother and her as they carved the moat by the tall structure in the sand. What was Susa
a) Running at the beach
b) Swimming at the ocean
c) Building a sand castle
d) Drawing a picture of the beach

Zack was passing the ball with his good friend, Tyler. They had been practicing a lot lately for the big championship game coming up. Their friend, Seth stepped in to practice being the goalie so the boys could shoot the ball into the goal. What were
a) Practicing tennis
b) Running track
c) Playing football
d) Practicing soccer

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