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The interaction of waves that meet at the same point at the same time is
a) reflection
b) refraction
c) diffraction
d) interference

How do the air molecules move in a sound wave?
a) in all directions
b) at right angles to the wave
c) in the same path as the wave
d) the air molecules themselves do not move

Why is sound able to travel faster through a solid than a gas?
a) Gas molecules are packed tightly.
b) Sound does not travel faster through a solid than a gas.
c) Solid molecules are packed tightly.
d) Gas molecules move slowly.

An object that does not vibrate cannot produce
a) sound
b) light
c) heat
d) electricity

Which is the approximate range of human hearing?
a) 500-20,000 Hz
b) 20-20,000 Hz
c) 20-5,000 Hz
d) 5-5,000 Hz

What is vibration?
a) how loud a sound is
b) the back and forth movement of matter
c) how high or low a sound is
d) the loudness or softness of a sound

Sound can be dangerous at what level?
a) 20-30 Hz
b) 10-20 Hz
c) above 120 Hz
d) 40-50 Hz

Which travels faster, light or sound?
a) light
b) sound
c) .
d) .

Sound travels FASTEST through which of these materials?
a) Air
b) Empty Space
c) Metal
d) Water

What is frequency?
a) the number of vibrations per second
b) how high or low a sound is
c) the loudness or softness of a sound
d) the back and forth movement of matter

What is visible light?
a) It contains the only region of frequencies to which the human eye responds.
b) They have the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency.
c) They have the longest wavelength and the lowest frequency.
d) form of electromagnetic energy, is used in the fluorescent lights of tanning salons.

How are frequency and wavelength related?
a) direct
b) inverse
c) not related
d) .

What are the units for frequency?
a) Watts
b) Newtons
c) Hertz
d) m/s/s

Which of the following is NOT a basic components of all transverse waves?
a) wavelength
b) crest
c) trough
d) peak

How do light waves travel?
a) .
b) Curve paths
c) Right angles
d) Straight paths

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