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Your body uses glucose and oxygen to produce energy during the process of
a) circulation
b) digestion
c) excretion
d) respiration

A passageway for both air and food is the
a) trachea
b) pharynx
c) larynx
d) bronchus

The major organs of the excretory system are the
a) ureters
b) lungs
c) kidneys
d) alveoli

A colorless, odorless gas that is produced when tobacco is burned is
a) smoke
b) oxygen
c) nicotine
d) carbon monoxide

The waste chemical that comes from the breakdown of proteins in the body is called
a) urethra
b) urea
c) tar
d) glucose

Which of the following does the respiratory system move into the body?
a) oxygen
b) glucose
c) urea
d) urine

Tiny hairlike structures that sweep mucus from the nose into the throat are called
a) alveoli
b) bronchi
c) cilia
d) nephrons

Urine flows out of the kidneys through narrow tubes called
a) urethras
b) ureters
c) nephrons
d) alveoli

The disease in which lung tissue is permanently destroyed is called
a) atherosclerosis
b) diabetes
c) bronchitis
d) emphysema

Gas exchange occurs in the
a) alveoli
b) diaphragm
c) larynx
d) nephrons

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