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In Hamilton’s Economic Plan, he wanted to repay debt, create a national bank, tax whiskey, and pass a protective tariff. What was his plan designed to do?
a) Develop a new system of government
b) Create a stable economy
c) Improve relations with foriegn nations
d) Build a military

What impact would industrialization have on the American society?
a) People will more from cities to rural areas
b) Urbanization increased
c) Western Expansion increased
d) Transportation decreased

The dispute over the Nullification Crisis would question?
a) The powers of the national government and state government in a federal system.
b) Being able to govern themselves in a constitutional republic
c) Citizens guaranteed their individual rights in society
d) The president would be selected by direct vote

Before the Industrial Revolution, people made things by hand at home. In factories, goods are massed produced by machines. As production increases what happens?
a) The price of goods will remain the same
b) The prices of goods will increase
c) The prices of goods will decrease
d) Manufacturers limited production

Due to urbanization, the water in the city is becoming polluted. We must instruct people not to throw their waste in our rivers. What will take place because of the above statement?
a) Overpopulation in states
b) Sanitation law are created
c) Growth in machines in mass production
d) Poor working conditions

In 1821 the Missouri Compromise established what principle for creating new states in the west?
a) To maintain a balance between free and slave states
b) To increase sectionalism in America
c) To claim land from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean
d) Divide territory between north and south

The argument over whether the U.S. Constitution gave the federal government the right to create a national bank was an example of how national leaders had to?
a) Sovereign authority in the hand of executive branch
b) Define the authority of the new central government
c) Encouraged citizens to support a political party
d) Explain the need for a stronger federal government

How did industrialization change life in the United States?
a) Children began working long hours in factories
b) Labor unions would form to help women
c) Plantations would develop in the North
d) Schools would decrease in New England

The Alien and Sedition Acts would stifle free speech and press in 1799. How did Jefferson and Madison’s Virginia and Kentucky Resolution handle this problem?
a) The elastic clause
b) Judicial Review
c) States could Nullify (ignore) federal law
d) Conflict over the Ohio River

This invention would increase traffic on rivers, increased canal building in the Northeast, and made goods and people able to be shipped between North and South?
a) Invention of the telegraph
b) Invention of the steamboat
c) Invention of the spinning jenny
d) Invention of the cotton gin

The Judiciary Act of 1789 was passed by Congress to do what?
a) To vote in a new President
b) Declare laws had to be followed
c) A need to establish a Federal courts
d) Amend the Constitution

Unlike urbanization in the North, the southern region had little growth due to?
a) Plantation economic system
b) The Missouri Compromise Line
c) Migration was prohibited
d) Immigration laws restricted travel

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