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Who was Thomas Jefferson's Secretary of State, who he told not to deliver the remaining warrants for Adam's midnight judges?
a) William Marbury
b) John Marhsall
c) Aaron Burr
d) James Madison

How much did the Louisiana Purchase cost?
a) $10 million
b) $20 million
c) $15 million
d) Free

Why did Thomas Jefferson engaged in undeclared naval war with the Barbary Pirates?
a) Because they were interrupting trade off the American coast
b) He refused to pay tribute (protection money) in order to sail off the coast of Africa
c) He simply wanted to prove how powerful America's navy had become
d) He was continuing naval battles begun during Washington's presidency

What were the borders of the land purchased in the Louisiana Purchase?
a) The states of Louisiana and Texas
b) All land between the Atlantic Ocean and Rocky Mountains
c) All land between the Mississippi River and Rocky Mountains
d) All land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

What was the name of the Native America woman who helped guide Lewis and Clark on their journey to the West?
a) Tecumseh
b) Pocahontas
c) Prophet
d) Sacagawea

What political leader was shot by Aaron Burr in a duel because he was foiled his potential elections as President and the Governor of New York?
a) George Washington
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) Andrew Jackson
d) William Henry Harrison

The Marbury v. Madison Supreme court case established what power that the judicial branch has?
a) Judicial Review
b) Writs of Mandamus
c) Executive Veto
d) Original jurisiction

Who was originally supposed to deliver the warrants for the midnight judges, and by mistake did not deliver some of them?
a) James Madison
b) William Marbury
c) John Adams
d) John Marshall

What explorer went on a mission to the Southwest portion of the Louisiana Purchase to assess the threat of Spain and report on the geography?
a) Lewis and Clark
b) Zebulon Pike
c) Aaron Burr
d) Sacagawea

What was the name for the wealthy, New England Federalists who tried to secede from the U.S as a result of the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Burr Conspiracy
b) Essex Junto
c) Hartford Convention
d) Barbary Pirates

Who was a key part of the Essex Junto's plan, and was planning to have New York secede if he won the election for Governor?
a) James Madison
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) William Henry Harrison
d) Aaron Burr

From who did Thomas Jefferson make the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Napoleon Bonaparte (France)
b) Charles de Talleyrand (France)
c) King Ferdinand (Spain)
d) King George III (Britain)

What was the name of an American ship that was attacked by the British because the British believed that there were deserters (former British navy) hiding out on the ship?
a) Leopard
b) Constitution
c) Chesapeake
d) Barbary

Which of the following is NOT a method in which Thomas Jefferson changed the government?
a) Cut spending to the military
b) Involved more common people
c) Created the first cabinet
d) Lowered the national debt

What was the Embargo Act of 1807?
a) Prohibited American trade with Britain and France
b) Allowed America to only trade with Britain or France
c) Made sailing illegal
d) Prohibited trade with all foreign countries

What were the names of the first two explorers that Thomas Jefferson sent West to explore the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
b) Zebulon Pike and William Clark
c) Aaron Burr and Zebulon Pike
d) William Henry Harrison and Meriwether Lewis

What was the purpose of the 12th amendment?
a) To eliminate all ties in Presidential elections
b) To place the President and Vice President on separate ballots to avoid electing political rivals
c) Eliminated the Atlantic Slave Trade
d) Required the House of Representatives to vote if there was a tie in the electoral college

What are the names of the two political parties that developed during the 1796 and 1800 elections?
a) Democrats and Republicans
b) Federalists and Anti-Federalists
c) Democratic-Republicans and Whigs
d) Democratic-Republicans and Federalists

Which of the following is a similarity between the first two political parties?
a) George Washington agreed with both of them
b) They both wanted a national bank
c) They were both started by members of Washington's cabinet
d) They both wrote papers to convince others about their beliefs

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