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Which trophic level has more energy than the primary consumer?
a) The producers
b) The secondary consumers
c) The predators
d) None, the primary consumers store the most energy

Which organisms can get its energy from all trophic levels?
a) A decomposer
b) A producer
c) A secondary consumer
d) None of them

What is another name for Food?
a) Energy
b) Delicious
c) Nutrient
d) Biomass

Which organism can get its energy from a decomposer?
a) A producer
b) An herbivore
c) The sun
d) The soil

A spider is an example of.....
a) A secondary consumer
b) An herbivore
c) A primary consumer
d) A decomposer

Which organism can get it's energy from the top predator?
a) A decomposer
b) A primary consumer
c) A secondary consumer
d) A producer

A secondary consumer can eat.....
a) Both plants and animals
b) Only plants
c) Only animals
d) Any herbivore it finds

Which is not a name for one of the trophic levels?
a) Sunlight
b) Producers
c) Predators
d) Primary consumers

Where do producers get their energy?
a) The Sun
b) Primary consumers
c) Secondary concumers
d) Water

A primary consumer is always ...
a) An herbivore
b) a carnivore
c) an omnivore
d) hungry

Why is the sun not included in the biomass pyramid?
a) it isn't living and it does not have mass
b) It's too big
c) It only provides energy to the producers
d) It's too far away

Which trophic level has the most energy?
a) Producers
b) Primary Consumers
c) Secondary Consumers
d) Predators

Primary consumers eat...
a) Plants
b) Animals
c) Both plant and animals
d) Only insects

A food web consists of ....
a) many food chains
b) many different ecosystems
c) primary and secondary consumers
d) lots of spiders

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