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What was president Kennedy's first reaction to finding missiles in Cuba?
a) Bomb Cuba
b) End the the war in Vietnam and bring the fight to Cuba
c) Blockade Cuba
d) Blockade the Soviet Union

Why did the United States get involved in Korea and Vietnam?
a) End Communism
b) Contain Communism
c) Expand Communism
d) For oil

How did LBJ sending troops to Vietnam strain relations between the executive branch and congress?
a) Congress felt the president had too much power and the power must be limited
b) Congress attempted to impeach the president, but LBJ resigned before the impeachment
c) Congress did not want to stop the spread of Communism
d) Relations were not strained. LBJ and congress work well together when it came to Vietnam

What group turn the American public against the war by using pictures, videos, and newspaper articles?
a) The White House
b) Communist
c) Media
d) Ku Klux Klan

AID. Greece and Turkey. Contain Communism
a) Berlin Airlift
b) Marshall Plan
d) Truman Doctrine

What did the American public do to speak out against the war and the draft?
a) Riot and destroy many major cities in America
b) Hold mass demonstrations to speak out against the war and draft
c) Much of the public encouraged soldiers to join the fight against Communism
d) The public did nothing to speak out against the war

Collective Security. Alliances. Contain Communist threats
a) Marshall Plan
b) Domino Theory
d) Truman Doctrine

Rebuild Europe. Contain Communism.
b) Marshall Plan
c) Truman Doctrine
d) Domino Theory

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution ....
a) Officially sent troops to Korea
b) Ended the the war in Vietnam
c) Ended the war in Korea
d) Officially sent troops to Vietnam

How did the United States try to stop the domino theory
a) Spread Communism
b) Invade Russia with help from China
c) Send Troops to Asia
d) Invade Cuba

What was the cause of the Korean War?
a) North Vietnam invaded South Korea
b) Soviet Union invaded China
c) North Korea invaded South Korea
d) Soviets put a blockade in Berlin that trapped U.S. Allies

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