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The distance traveled divided by a given time interval. (distance/time)
a) asdf
b) asdf
c) sdfa
d) Average Speed

Defining a Variable
a) Find the Unit Rate
b) Add the 2 expressions
c) Solve for x
d) Let a = the number of apples purchased by Mr. Jones

a) Add or subtract the equations to eliminate one variable.
b) Substitute a number for a variable
c) Multiply expressions
d) Make a graph of the equation

An ordered pair of numbers that is a solution to two equations. The ordered pair (x,y) that 2 lines have in common.
a) Equation
b) Expression
c) Solution to a System of Linear Equations
d) Variable

2 or more linear equations
a) System of Linear Equations
b) Vertical Line
c) Standard Form
d) Average Speed

a) Constant Speed
b) Slope-Intercept Equation of a Line
c) Solution Set
d) Like Terms

a) asdf
b) asdf
c) asfd
d) asdf

a) asdf
b) asdf
c) asdf
d) sadf

a) asfd
b) fds
c) sdf
d) asdf

a) dsaf
b) dasf
c) sdfa
d) asdf

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