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Brian decided to store the food he caught
a) on the ledge above his shelter.
b) tied in his jacket and hung up in the tall trees.
c) buried in the sand under his sleeping mat.
d) in a bowl-shaped rock.

Brian fashioned a ladder from
a) grapevines.
b) a dead pine.
c) the wing of the airplane.

How did Brian store his fish?
a) Brian tied the fish with one of his shoelaces and hung them in a tree.
b) Brian wove a basket from small branches and placed it at he edge of the lake.
c) Brian put the fish on his storage shelf.
d) Brian built a holding pen out of rocks at the edge of the lake.

Brian took four baths a day
a) because he was itchy from all the bug bites.
b) to get rid of the skunk odor.
c) to cool off during the heat wave.

On Brian's first feast day, he ate _________.
a) fish
b) foolbirds
c) rabbit
d) opossum

A skunk came into Brian's shelter looking for ________.
a) fish
b) a place to get out of the rain
c) turtle eggs
d) warmth

The day after the skunk took Brian's eggs, he ___________.
a) moved to a new location
b) rebuilt his shelter
c) decided to keep a bright fire at all times
d) kept his hatchet close at hand for fighting off animals

When Brian first began to use the bow and arrows he could not catch fish because __________
a) His arrows were not sharp enough to pierce the skin of the fish.
b) He was not fast enough to hit the fish, and they swam away.
c) The water bent the light making the fish look like they were in a different place than where they really were.
d) The fish stayed in the deep water, and Brian could not get close enough o catch them.

The plane had crashed ___________ days before.
a) 35
b) 20
c) 6
d) 47

When the plane turns around and leaves Brian, he wishes to die. Brian even _________________
a) tries to drown himself in the lake
b) cuts himself with the hatchet
c) jumps off the ledge above his shelter
d) wrestles with a bear

While he was hunting, Brian sensed an animal nearby. It was a ___________.
a) bobcat
b) raccoon
c) fox
d) wolf

Brian was hunting for _________ to eat.
a) wild greens
b) rabbits
c) foolbirds
d) squirrel

How do you know a good deal of time has passed between the end of chapter 12 when the plane flies away and the beginning of chapter 13?
a) At the end of chapter 12, Brian was going to make a bow and arrow to catch fish and at the beginning of chapter 13, Brian is
b) Brian is keeping track of the days by making notches with his hatchet on a piece of wood, and he states that many notches hav
c) Brian is placing pebbles in a hollowed out rock; one for each day he has been in the wilderness, and the rock will no longer

A good title for chapter 14 could be
a) How Long?
b) Alone in the Woods
c) Fresh Fish
d) Mistakes

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