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Chemicals made in one part of an organism that affect other parts of an organism are called...?
a) Blood
b) Neurotoxins
c) Hormones
d) Pathogens

This hormone controls your metabolism, or how fast your cells release energy from food.
a) Insulin
b) Glucagon
c) Thyroxine
d) Serotonin

This is the word to describe the small space between the axon of one neuron and the dendrite of a nearby neuron.
a) Hormone
b) Space
c) Synapse
d) Nerve

This important endocrine gland is found in the neck and produces thyroxine, which controls your metabolism.
a) Pituitary Gland
b) Thyroid Gland
c) Olfactory Gland
d) Grand Gland

The body part that carries messages from the brain to the body and from the body back to the brain is called...?
a) Brain Stem
b) Spinal Cord
c) Pituitary Gland
d) Blood Vessels

A quick, protective reaction that occurs within the nervous system. An example is flinching when something flies towards you.
a) Insult
b) Scream
c) Joke
d) Reflex

Another name for nerve cells is ...?
a) Axon
b) Neuron
c) Hormone
d) Thyroid

A pea-sized body attached to the base of the brain, this gland is important in controlling growth and development and the functioning of the other endocrine glands.
a) Pituitary Gland
b) Thyroid Gland
c) Olfactory Gland
d) Grand Gland

The body system made up of cells and organs that lets an animal detect changes in the environment and respond to them is called...?
a) Nervous System
b) Endocrine System
c) Skeletal System
d) Digestive System

A bundle of neuron that transmits impulses of sensation to the brain or spinal cord, and impulses from these to the muscles and organs is called ...?
a) Axon
b) Reflex
c) Nerve
d) Bone

This body system is made up of small glands that make chemical which carry messages throughout the body.
a) Nervous System
b) Endocrine System
c) Skeletal System
d) Digestive System

Which hormone lets your body cells take in glucose (sugar) from your blood?
a) Thyroxine
b) Insulin
c) Serotonin
d) Glucagon

What disease occurs from the pancreas not making enough insulin?
a) Acne
b) Psorarisis
c) Hyperthyroidism
d) Diabetes Mellitus

The part of the brain that helps make your movements smooth and graceful, rather than robotic is called?
a) Cerebellum
b) Dendrite
c) Pituitary Gland
d) Thyroid Gland

The part of a neuron that sends messages to surrounding neurons or body organs is called?
a) Reflex
b) Axon
c) Brain
d) Synapse

Insulin, testosterone, and thyroxine are all examples of ...?
a) Hormones
b) Organs
c) Glands
d) Band Names

The part of the neuron that receives messages from nearby neurons is called...?
a) Axon
b) Dendrite
c) Hypothalamus
d) Synapse

This part of the brain controls thought, reason, and the senses.
a) Pituitary Gland
b) Cerebrum
c) Cortex
d) Spinal Cord

The organ that sends and receives messages to and from all parts of the body is called...?
a) Kidney
b) Liver
c) Heart
d) Brain

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