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Chapter 11 begins and ends with the words.......
a) Easy say, hard do.
b) There were these things to do.
c) Only the strong survive.
d) Help, Help, Help!

As Brian looks down at the lake from the top of the stone bluff he __________.
a) watches a mother bear with her cubs as she catches a small rabbit.
b) thinks about the pilot of the plane and how he must look after all these days under water.
c) sees a kingfisher catching a fish and knows he can catch fish as well.
d) figures out a way to build an SOS message from branches so pilots can find him.

How has Brian changed mentally?
a) Brian is depressed and cries constantly.
b) When Brian hears or sees something, he knows what it is in his mind, and he moves to be read for it.
c) Brian is a nervous wreck, jumping at every little sound.
d) Grian fears the ghost of the dead pilot at the bottom of the lake will come after him.

How has Brian's body changed since he crashed in the wilderness?
a) His stomach has caved in, his skin is tanned, and his face is leathery from the smoke
b) His hair is long and shaggy, and his nails are broken and ragged.
c) His face is scarred from the plane crash.
d) His arms have grown strong from all the firewood he has carried.

To clean his shelter, Brian ________
a) changed the pine needle bedding.
b) washed the rocks down with water from the lake.
c) brought in dry leaves to cover the floor
d) swept the sand and hung up his jacket to dry.

Brian spent hours trying to catch fish with ________.
a) a net.
b) a spear.
c) his hands.

What tool must Brain reinvent?
a) a hammer
b) the fishing rod
c) a hatchet
d) a bow and arrow

A _____________ exploded under Brian's feet making him fall to the ground.
a) frog
b) rotten log
c) bird
d) pile of leaves blown by the wind

What happened to the plane that flew over Brian's camp?
a) It crashed into a tall tree.
b) It circled the camp several times then landed on the lake.
c) It turned back.
d) A bird hit the plan making it crash into the lake.

When Brian heard the plane, he __________.
a) began yelling and racing towards the lake.
b) ran into the open field and started waving his arms
c) ran to the bluff to make a bonfire
d) used his hatchet to catch the rays of the sun making a flashing light that could be spotted by the pilot

At the end of chapter 12, Brian felt ______________
a) good with a full stomach.
b) excited to see a plane.
c) he would be rescued at any time.
d) like all hope was gone.

What is the main conflict that Brian is facing at this point in Hatchet?
a) Brian is hungry because he cannot find enough food to eat.
b) Brian feels all hope is lost when the rescue plane flies away.
c) Brian wants desperately to build a bonfire, but he does not know how.
d) Brian is afraid of all the wild animals in the wilderness.

Which question does chapters 11-12 answer?
a) Will Brian be rescued?
b) Will Brian catch the chicken-like bird?
c) What food does Brian eat?
d) What makes the whining noise?

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