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The man who paddles the canoes to transport the furs and does all the hard work .
a) voyageur
b) paddler
c) bowman
d) guide

A fence made of wooden stakes.
a) corral
b) lattice
c) fort
d) pallasade

The man who managed the day-to-day business of the trading post.
a) hivernant
b) trader
c) clerk
d) voyageur

Someone who translates for you.
a) Teacher
b) Teen-ager
c) Interpreter
d) Guide

A long dock alongside the water to get to the ships.
a) sidewalk
b) wharf
c) pavement
d) pathway

a voyageur who winters over in the north.
a) freight
b) pelt
c) profit
d) hivernant

The items to be transported
a) brigade
b) stow
c) freight
d) Stash

The materials you need to create a product or in daily living
a) produce
b) resourses
c) routine
d) classification

A gathering of fur traders and voyageurs
a) brigade
b) convention
c) appointment
d) rendezvous

Which is the port side?
a) right
b) left
c) front
d) back

A formation of canoes that travel together.
a) unit
b) quad
c) brigade
d) a vee

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