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Krypton has _________ valence electrons.
a) 4
b) 8
c) 18
d) 36

Calcium has _________ valence electrons.
a) 2
b) 4
c) 20
d) 40

Flourine is located in the _________ family.
a) Alikali Metal
b) Transition Metal
c) Halogen
d) Noble Gases

True or false: Hydrogen is an Alikali Metal.
a) False, it is located there only located in group 1 because it has one valence electron.
b) True, it is a metalic gas.
c) True, it is the strongest metal in the group.
d) False, it is located there because it has a full valence shell.

Selenium can be found in the ________ family.
a) Boron
b) Carbon
c) Nitrogen
d) Oxygen

Aluminum has ______ energy levels for it's electrons.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Beryllium can be found in the
a) alkali metal family.
b) alkaline earth metal family.
c) Boron family.
d) halogens.

Potassium has _____ neutrons.
a) 19
b) 20
c) 39
d) 4

In which family will you find Cobalt?
a) Alkaline Earth Metals
b) Rare Earth Metals
c) Carbon Family
d) Transition Metals

Sodium is located in period
a) 1
b) 3
c) 11
d) 23

In which family will you find Argon?
a) Alkali Metals
b) Halogens
c) Lanthanides
d) Noble Gases

What is the family name for group 13?
a) Halogens
b) Nitrogen Family
c) Boron Family
d) Transition Metals

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