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Which of the following is found farthest from the center of an atom?
a) neutron
b) proton
c) nucleus
d) electron

Which of the following best describes an atom?
a) a core of protons and neutrons surrounded by electrons
b) protons and electrons grouped together in a random pattern
c) protons and electrons grouped together in an alternating pattern
d) a core of electrons and neutrons surrounded by protons

In a neutral atom, which of the following numbers are the same for an element?
a) The number of protons and the number of neutrons
b) The number of protons and the number of electrons
c) The number of electrons and the number of neutrons

Silver (Ag) has 47 protons, 60 neutrons, and 47 electrons in each atom. Based on this information, what is the mass number?
a) 47
b) 94
c) 107
d) 157

An atom of phosphorus has 15 protons and a mass number of 31. How many neutrons does it contain?
a) 16
b) 30
c) 31
d) 15

Which of the following is the most important factor in determining an element's identity?
a) number of neutrons
b) number of protons
c) atomic charge
d) atomic density

The chemical properties of an element are determined by its
a) atomic size
b) atomic number
c) proton mass
d) valence electrons

The Periodic Table of the Elements classifies all of the known elements into categories based on their physical and chemical properties. In order to be identified as the element carbon (C), an atom must have ____________________.
a) 6 protons
b) 6 neutrons
c) 12 protons
d) 12 neutrons

Group I (the alkali metals) includes lithium (Li), sodium (Na), and potassium (K). These elements have similar chemical properties because they have the same ______________________.
a) number of protons in the nucleus
b) number of protons and neutrons
c) number of neutrons in the nucleus
d) number of electrons in the outer energy level

The atomic number of an element indicates which of the following?
a) the number of neutrons in an atom
b) the sum of the neutrons and protons in an atom
c) the number of protons in an atom
d) the sum of the protons and electrons in an atom

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