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Downwelling benefits animals in the deep ocean by carrying
a) the nutrients they need from the surface to greater depths
b) the oxygen they need from the surface to greater depths
c) the dense, warm water they need from the surface to greater depths
d) the longshore currents they need from the surface to greater depths

A mass of moving water is called a
a) current
b) tide
c) trough
d) crest

The amount of matter in a given volume of ocean water is the water's
a) pressure
b) density
c) oxygen content
d) salt content

Tidal ranges are largest during a
a) moon tide
b) neap tide
c) spring tide
d) fall tide

Which of the following is a result of a longshore current?
a) waves striking the shore at an angle
b) waves traveling perpendicular to the shore
c) waves hitting the shore head-on
d) waves rising and falling with the tides

In general, how does ocean temperature change with depth?
a) Deep water is less dense than water at the surface
b) Deep water is more dense than water at the surface
c) Deep water is warmer than water at the surface
d) Deep water is cooler than water at the surface

Which of the following would lower the salinity of a shallow part of an ocean?
a) damming the mouth of a nearby river
b) ice forming on the surface of the ocean
c) large amounts of rainfall
d) large amounts of evaporation

Most ocean waves are the result of
a) differences in salinity and temperature
b) differences in water temperature and density
c) the transfer of energy from the water to the air above
d) the transfer of energy from the wind to the water below

Waves breaking along a shore are caused by an increase in their
a) wave height
b) energy
c) speed
d) wavelength

Water waves are often a transfer of
a) energy from moving air
b) water molecules from moving air
c) energy from the shore
d) water molecules from the shore

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