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Which of the following is considered a renewable resource?
a) iron
b) oil
c) coal
d) sunlight

The study of natural processes in the environment and how humans can affect them is called
a) resource management.
b) environmental science.
c) preservation.
d) conservation.

The loss of natural habitat is called
a) habitat destruction.
b) habitat fragmentation.
c) pollution.
d) poaching.

Cutting down only some trees in a forest, leaving a mix of tree sizes and species standing is called
a) selective cutting.
b) clear-cutting.
c) certified cutting.
d) patch cutting.

All of the following factors affect an area's biodiversity EXCEPT
a) area.
b) number of endangered species.
c) climate.
d) diversity of niches.

A type of landfill designed to hold municipal solid waste safely is
a) a compost pile.
b) a sanitary landfill.
c) a leachate landfill.
d) an open dump.

To create less waste in the first place is to
a) reduce
b) reuse
c) recycle
d) incinerate

Which type of hazardous waste gives off radiation?
a) toxic waste
b) corrosive waste
c) flammable waste
d) radioactive waste

Which indoor air pollutant is a colorless, odorless gas that forms when wood, coal, oil, or gas are incompletely burned?
a) ozone
b) smog
c) radon
d) carbon monoxide

One group of gases that is responsible for destroying ozone in the ozone layer is
a) car exhaust fumes.
b) CFC's.
c) nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides.
d) carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Which of the following is a way a farmer can prevent nutrient depletion?
a) Periodically leave the field unplanted.
b) Alternate crops that are planted.
c) Apply fertilizer.
d) All of these answers are correct.

Wind energy is actually an indirect form of
a) electricity.
b) magnetic energy.
c) solar energy.
d) nuclear energy.

In a nuclear power plant, what is used to cchange water into steam?
a) the burning of natural gas
b) geothermal energy
c) captured solar energy
d) heat released from nuclear fission reactions

Efficiency is
a) the percentage of energy lost to the surroundings as heat.
b) the percentage of energy that is actually used to perform work.
c) the entire amount of energy.
d) the time it takes for half of the energy to be used.

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