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Which of the following is NOT required to make a simple circuit?
a) switch
b) battery
c) wire
d) lightbulb

The electric field lines around a neutral (no charge) object
a) always point outward.
b) cross positively charged particle field lines.
c) do not exist.
d) always point inward.

Every charged particle produces
a) a positive charge.
b) an electric field
c) a magnetic field.
d) a negative charge.

The buildup of charges on an object is called
a) an electric field.
b) an electric force.
c) static discharge.
d) static electricity.

Appliances connected so that they form a single pathway for charges to flow are connected in a(n)
a) series circuit.
b) parallel circuit.
c) a groovy circuit.
d) an open circuit.

A type of circuit that has loops within a loop are
a) a series circuit.
b) a parallel circuit.
c) a mixed circuit.
d) a complex circuit.

An object becomes charged when the atoms in the object gain or lose
a) none of the choices listed
b) neutrons.
c) electrons.
d) protons.

In a parallel circuit with three bulbs,
a) the overall resistance increases if a new branch is added.
b) there is only one path for the current to take.
c) the bulbs must all be located on the same branch.
d) current from each bulb has its own path.

If you are outside during a storm, the best way to protect yourself from lightning is to
a) stay low and dry.
b) use your umbrella.
c) stand under a tall tree.
d) stop, drop and roll.

In a series circuit with three bulbs,
a) a switch is never used.
b) all of the bulbs become dimmer as more bulbs are added.
c) the remaining two bulbs are not affected if one bulb burns out.
d) there are many paths for the current to take.

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