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The generous people fed the 'emaciated' lost dog.
a) fierce
b) thin
c) calm
d) tame

She 'invariable' leaves her homework at home and must turn it in late.
a) purposefully
b) hated
c) happily
d) always

The mother bathed the baby in the 'tepid' water.
a) lukewarm
b) hot
c) muddy
d) cold

The car collector bought the 'vintage' Ford Mustang.
a) rose colored
b) real
c) broken down
d) classic

The 'slovenly' boy never cleaned his room or washed his hands.
a) proud
b) sloppy
c) careful
d) little

The policeman arrested the speeder for 'flagrantly' disobeying the speed limit.
a) joyfully
b) cautiously
c) obviously
d) sadly

The city council 'concurred' with the excellent recommendations of the library committee.
a) agreed
b) rejected
c) argued
d) stopped

A man of few words, he is known for his 'brevity'.
a) athleticism
b) laughter
c) skills
d) briefness

I would like you to take a 'vicarious' trip--a trip I want you to take through my description.
a) exciting
b) not personal
c) lenghty
d) spontaneous

I took the 'tome' off the shelf and opened it. The book will take me a long time to read.
a) photo album
b) magazine
c) keepsake
d) book

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