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A feature passed on to a living thing from it parents is a _______________.
a) adaptation
b) trait
c) inhertied
d) migrate

Veterbrate is a ________________________________.
a) an animal with a backbone
b) an animal without a backbone
c) a turtle
d) none of the above

What is a larva?
a) insect
b) a stage in a insect life between larva and adult
c) a snack to eat
d) a stage in a insect life after it hatches from a egg

A stage in a insect life between larva and adult is _______________.
a) egg
b) larva
c) pupa
d) adult

A trait that helps a living thing survie in it enviorment is called a _________________
a) adaptation
b) migrate
c) trait
d) larva

Passed on from parent to offspring is a________________ trait.
a) inhertied
b) adaptation
c) larva
d) migrate

To move to another place find better weather is called ________________
a) migration
b) hibernate
c) running away
d) looking for food

To spend the winter resting is ______________.
a) hibernation
b) migration
c) adaptation
d) trait

Which animal is a veterbrate?
a) worm
b) jellyfish
c) snake
d) snail

Which animal is a amphibian?
a) monkey
b) dog
c) lizard
d) turtle

How does a birds beak help it survie?
a) let it see better
b) make it look pretty
c) it helps it get inside food that it needs to eat
d) is not useful to the bird

Camoflage means to _________________________________.
a) run away from a predator
b) run away
c) catch dinner easily
d) blend in with it surroundings

To copy a harmful animal in appearnce means a animal has the adaptation of__________
a) camouflouge
b) mimicry
c) posion
d) armor

Which animal use armor to protect itself?
a) fish
b) bee
c) turtle
d) snake

A small insect covered in harden sap is ____________?
a) amber
b) cast fossil
c) mold fossil
d) none of the above

When a mold fossils is filled in by rock it becomes a ___________________.
a) cast fossil
b) mold fossil
c) amber
d) trash

A mold fossil is a _________________________.
a) broken fossil
b) does not exist
c) a space in the shape of animal in rock
d) cast fossil

What four things to aniaml need to live?
a) water, food, air, shelter
b) water, sunlight,space,energy
c) friends, pasta, rocks, home
d) none of these

Why do animals migrate?
a) to find a warm place to survive the winter
b) to look for a mate
c) to travel a far distance
d) to find a house to live in

Which animal migrates?
a) bug
b) dog
c) fish
d) bird

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