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When a glass rod is rubbed with silk and becomes positively charged,
a) electrons are removed from the rod.
b) protons are added to the silk.
c) protons are removed from the silk.
d) the silk remains neutral.

a) can be created
b) can be destroyed
c) can be conserved
d) none of the choices listed

When you placed the charged balloon near the aluminum can and it caused it to move, this was an example of
a) friction
b) induction
c) reduction
d) conduction

As in the case of unlike magnetic poles, unlike electric charges
a) attract each other.
b) repel each other.
c) exist in pairs.
d) don't interact.

The electric force between charged objects is
a) either attractive or repulsive.
b) attractive only.
c) neither attractive or repulsive.
d) repulsive only.

Electricity is made by using a generator that spins a/an ___________________ which is surrounded by a coil of _________________.
a) wire; magnets
b) proton; electrons
c) magnet; wire
d) electron; protons

Every charged particle produces
a) a negative charge.
b) a positive charge.
c) a magnetic field.
d) an electric field.

The electric field lines around a positively charged particle
a) cross positively charged particle field lines.
b) cross negatively charged particle field lines.
c) always point inward.
d) always point outward.

An object becomes charged when the atoms in the object gain or lose
a) protons.
b) electrons.
c) neutrons.
d) the nucleus.

The force of electricity is ___________________ on power lines than in our houses. A _______________________ alters the force.
a) higher; generator
b) lower; generator
c) lower; transformer
d) higher; transformer

Suppose you acquire a positive charge from walking across a carpet. You then touch a doorknob and receive a shock. This leaves you
a) positively charged.
b) negatively charged.
c) supercharged.
d) electrically neutral.

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