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A pathway that shows how energy is passed from one living thing to another is called....
a) Plants
b) Sun
c) Food chain
d) Herbivore

Animals that are __________ get their energy from eating plants or other animals
a) Sun
b) Producers
c) Decomposers
d) Consumers

Organism that recycles dead plants and animals
a) Consumer
b) Producer
c) Decomposer
d) Omnivore

What is the source of energy for all living things
a) Plants
b) Heat
c) Food chain
d) Sun

Group of connected food chains
a) Food chains
b) Food web
c) Sun
d) Energy pyramid

Berries----deer----- wolf. The wolf would be considered what in this food chain?
a) Primary consumer
b) Omnivore
c) Secondary consumer
d) Tertiary consumer

All food webs, and energy pyramids start with _____________.
a) Producers
b) Consumers
c) Decomposers
d) Tigers

What is the main reasons scientists classify organisms?
a) To arrange organisms by how large they are
b) To create differences between organisms
c) To help come up with names for organisms
d) To help scientists better understand biodiversity

What type of organism could be at the 2nd trophic level?
a) Herbivore
b) Primary consumer
c) Secondary consumer
d) Tertiary consumer

How are decomposers good for the environment?
a) The return nutrients to the environment
b) They give energy to the plants
c) They help consume organisms that are not good for the ecosystem
d) They are just good bro!

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