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Which distance would a light-year be most appropriate for measuring?
a) the Milky Way to the next closest galaxy
b) the sun to the Earth's Moon
c) Earth to the Sun
d) Earth to Jupiter

Which type of telescope is used to analyze the composition of dust clouds in space?
a) ultraviolet
b) infrared
c) optical
d) radio

Which of the following correctly shows the organization of the universe, from smallest to largest units?
a) star, star cluster, galaxy, galactic cluster, universe
b) galaxy, galactic cluster, star, star cluster, universe
c) universe, star, galaxy, star clusters, galactic cluster
d) universe, galaxy, galactic cluster, star cluster, star

If light travels about 9.5 trillion kilometers (km) in one year, and a star is 5 light-years from Earth, about how far away is ti?
a) 47.5 trillion kilometers
b) 1.9 trillion kilometers
c) 19 trillion kilometers
d) 45.5 trillion kilometers

Which observation provides evidence that galaxies are moving apart and the universe is expanding?
a) The light observed from most galaxies shows that they are moving away from Earth in all directions.
b) The light observed from most galaxies take many years to reach Earth
c) The light observed from most galaxies is very faint
d) The light observed from most galaxies show that they are moving towards Earth at a constant speed

Which of these is the largest?
a) the universe
b) the Sun
c) a galaxy
d) a galactic cluster

What best describes the universe?
a) all the matter and energy in space
b) a giant family of stars
c) Earth
d) the Solar System

What is the best way for a scientist to estimate the age of a star?
a) the color of the light it gives off
b) the constellation it is found in
c) its distance from Earth
d) its position in the night sky

Before the Hubble telescope was put into orbit, what was NOT well know?
a) distances to far-off galaxies
b) what makes stars shine
c) the existence of Pluto
d) the presence of the asteroid belt in our solar system

The Big Bang Theory, formation and expansion of the universe is supported by the observed...
a) Red-shift in light beyond the Local Group
b) Blue-violet shift in light beyond the Local Group
c) Gravity of matter
d) Shorter light wavelengths

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