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When Angelo called Devon stinky pants on the playground, Devon wanted to call Angelo a mean name too, but Devon's mother had always taught him to turn the other cheek.
a) He was taught to forgive an act of aggression.
b) He was taught to return an act of aggression with greater force.
c) He was taught to return an act of aggression with equal force.
d) He was taught to hide from aggression in order to protect oneself.

Although I hate green peppers, I ordered them on the pizza because everybody else wanted them and I didn't want to ___________.
a) go with the grain.
b) go to the grain.
c) go against the grain.
d) go near the grain.

After I told the client that we could give him a discount on the window repairs, the boss said that we couldn't and now I've got egg all over my face.
a) The speaker is a person who tells lies for enjoyment.
b) The speaker is a person who profits from other's misfortunes.
c) The speaker is a person who looks foolish or embarrassed.
d) The speaker is a person who looks very hungry.

The researchers at the renowned UC Berkeley have a long history of _____________ in regards to computer science.
a) opening the envelope
b) pushing the envelope
c) closing the envelope
d) sealing the envelope

While Kristie's cake pops are both delicious and artistic, nobody can hold a candle to her pecan pie.
a) Kristie's pecan pie is not visually pleasing.
b) Kristie's pecan pie is very hot when it comes out of the oven.
c) Kristie's pecan pie is better than all others.
d) Kristie's pecan pie is in serious need of improvements.

After promising to go to Beth's parent's cabin for the weekend, Molly got invited to the coolest party of the year and now Molly is really __________.
a) in a pickle.
b) on a pickle.
c) near a pickle.
d) eat a pickle.

Even though Lucas had been bullying the new kid since the beginning of the year, Lucas shed his crocodile tears after the principal caught him and threatened him with suspension.
a) Lucas genuinely feels sorry for his actions.
b) Lucas’s display of sorrow was insincere.
c) Lucas is allergic to reptiles
d) Lucas is afraid of the new kid.

Ever since country western super group The Mountain Boys started wearing stovepipe hats, those hats have been selling like hotcakes.
a) Stovepipe hats have been selling quickly.
b) Stovepipe hats have been selling slowly.
c) Stovepipe hats have been selling at an average pace.
d) Stovepipe hats have not been selling at all.

Mrs. March was afraid of leaving the student teacher with her third period class because she feared that the student teacher was a bit too _________ to be left alone with such a wild bunch.
a) red
b) blue
c) pink
d) green

I know that Catherine has been really unpleasant toward you, Alvin, but take it with a grain of salt: she's mean to everyone.
a) Alvin should try hard to get on Catherine's good side.
b) Alvin should try hard to get on Catherine's good side.
c) Alvin should go and get lunch and reflect on Catherine's attitude.
d) Alvin should not be concerned about how Catherine is treating him.

Vince knew that if he wanted to get into college, he'd have to keep his ______________ all senior year.
a) nose in the grindstone
b) nose to the grindstone
c) nose on the grindstone
d) nose next to the grindstone

The prosecutor knew that the councilman had stolen public funds, but she wanted to get all of her ducks in a row before she charged him with a crime.
a) She wanted to catch the councilman in the act.
b) She wanted to take the time to properly prepare her case.
c) She had other business to take care of before going after the councilman.
d) She had to finish eating lunch before she went back to work.

Lyle chose Marco for his partner, thinking that it would be fun to work with his best friend, but now that the project was due tomorrow and the boys had nothing done, Lyle realized that he should have __________________.
a) hitched his horse to a different tractor.
b) hitched his wagon to a different horse.
c) hitched his horse to a different wagon.
d) hitched his tractor to a different horse.

After Michael missed three shots in a row and passed the ball to a player on the other team, the boys were only up by two and they suspected that Michael would be the Achilles' heel of the team.
a) Michael performs well under pressure.
b) Michael is a valuable contributor to the team.
c) Michael is a weakness in an otherwise strong entity.
d) Michael inspires others to succeed.

Janet gushed over the sculpture in the antique shop, but Kevin thought that the craftsmanship was merely run of the mill.
a) He thinks it is of exceptionally high quality.
b) He thinks it is marked by creativity or originality.
c) He thinks that it is too expensive for the average person to afford.
d) He thinks that it is low quality, common or ordinary.

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