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Which of the following is considered a text feature?
a) paragraph
b) author’s name
c) graph
d) date printed

A _______ of a cell is used to help the reader better understand where specific structures of a cell are.
a) bold words
b) diagram
c) map
d) graph

A caption is writing the goes along with a ________ to give more information about it.
a) cap and gown
b) printing machine
c) table of contents
d) picture or photo

What is the purpose of subtitles?
a) to help the reader understand the author’s opinion
b) to help the reader visualize information
c) to help the reader find the main idea in each section
d) to help the reader place events in order

The purpose of a graph is to
a) help the reader visualize important information
b) describe what is found in a photo or illustration
c) separate text into sections
d) show information that occurs in a certain order

This feature illustrates one or more geographical locations.
a) Charts
b) Captions
c) Diagrams
d) Maps

Why does an author choose to put words in bold or italics?
a) to make the paragraph more attractive
b) to draw the reader’s attention to an important word
c) to point out the main idea of the paragraph
d) to help the reader visualize the information

This feature visually illustrates the text for a reader.
a) Italicized words
b) Pictures
c) Bold words
d) Captions

This feature tells you the details of a picture.
a) Illustrations
b) Diagrams
c) Captions
d) Subtitles

This feature informs the reader of key words within a paragraph.
a) Bold Words
b) Charts
c) Graphs
d) Titles

Which of the following is not considered a text feature?
a) picture
b) color of the paper
c) map
d) diagram

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