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If the data for the independent variable is a category (qualitative), you should use what type of graph?
a) piece of paper
b) line graph
c) pie chart
d) Bar graph

The independent variable is
a) what is measured and observed
b) The item that always stays the same
c) the part of the experiment that I can change
d) evidence based on facts

Ideas, graphs, equations and formulas are examples of
a) laws
b) physical models
c) mental models
d) theories

A student did an experiment to see which laundry detergent got clothes cleaner. He washed a pair of socks in Tide, a pair in Gain, and another pair in just water. Which part of the experiment is the pair washed in water?
a) constant
b) control
c) independent variable
d) dependent variable

Anything scientists can use to represent an object or event is called a(n)
a) model
b) theory
c) experiment
d) hypothesis

Gravity, inertia, acceleration and action-reaction are all kinds of
a) fact
b) hypothesis
c) Law
d) inference

A globe is an example of a
a) measurement
b) mental model
c) physical model
d) scientific method

The scientific method is used for
a) predicting answers
b) sovling problems
c) doing experiements
d) explaining things

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a good scientist
a) smart
b) open-minded
c) patient
d) curious

The dependent variable is the part of the experiement that the scientist
a) always does the same
b) intentionally changes
c) leaves out
d) measures and observes

A superstition is an explanation based on
a) luck
b) facts
c) observation
d) evidence

In the scientific method, the problem is stated in the form of
a) charts and graphs
b) question
c) jargon
d) observations

Mary wants to find the effects of different kinds of music on tomato plants. She says: If I play classiscal music to the plants, I think they will grow taller. This step is the:
a) problem
b) hypothesis
c) information
d) research

After you spill Kool-Aid on your shirt, you try three different detergents before you find one to get the satin out. The three detergents are what part of the experiment?
a) contro
b) dependent variable
c) hypothesis
d) independent variable

If the independent variable data is a numerical (quantatative) you should use which type of graph?
a) line graph
b) bar graph
c) pie chart
d) piece of paper

After a sceintist has determined the conclusion of a problem, he may decide to make a
a) inference
b) law of nature
c) theory
d) hypothesis

Scientist use models for:
a) objects that are too small
b) objects that are too wet
c) objects that are too dry
d) objects that are too close

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