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Cuba has a fairly low standard of living, but a literacy rate of
a) 99%.
b) 60%.
c) 30%.
d) 90%.

Most people in Latin America speak the _______ language.
a) Portuguese
b) French
c) Creole
d) Spanish

The main religion in Latin America is
a) Islam.
b) Roman Catholic.
c) Protestant.
d) Judaism.

The major language is Brazil is
a) pidgin.
b) Portuguese.
c) Spanish.
d) French.

People of mixed European and African descent are called
a) mestizos.
b) mulattoes.
c) indigenous.
d) Creole.

People of mixed European and Native American descent are called
a) mulatto.
b) Creole.
c) indigenous.
d) mestizo.

In some Latin American countries, _______ have a higher literacy rate than ______.
a) boys, girls
b) girls, boys

Standard of living is often determined by
a) literacy rate and GDP per capita.
b) a country's total exports.
c) the number of people enrolled in college.
d) a nation's president.

_________ is when people lack necessary resources like money, clean water, and health care.
a) literacy
b) poverty
c) GDP per capita
d) standard of living

The culture of Latin America and the Caribbean was MOST influenced by
a) Africans.
b) Asians.
c) Native Americans.
d) Europeans.

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