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Most people in Mexico live
a) in the desert.
b) in the central part of the country.
c) high in the mountains.
d) on the coast.

Cuba's main exports are
a) tobacco and sugarcane.
b) oil and natural gas.
c) coffee and oil.
d) lead and bauxite.

Haiti is located
a) in the Gulf of Mexico.
b) South of Brazil.
c) in the Caribbean Sea.
d) west of Bolivia.

Brazil supplies a third of the world's
a) oil.
b) fruit.
c) fish.
d) coffee.

Mexico City is surrounded by the
a) Sierra Madre Mountains.
b) desert.
c) Andes Mountains.
d) Atlantic Ocean.

Most people in Venezuela live
a) in the mountains and highlands.
b) in the jungle.
c) in the southern part of the country.
d) within 200 miles of the coast.

The climate of Cuba can best be described as
a) tropical with a long rainy season.
b) desert steppe.
c) mild and temperate.
d) tierra fria.

The country with a greater rural population is
a) Brazil.
b) Venezuela.
c) Cuba.
d) Mexico.

The major environmental issue in Mexico City is
a) oil pollution.
b) a nuclear meltdown.
c) air pollution.
d) deforestation.

The greatest threat to Brazil is
a) oil pollution.
b) air pollution.
c) acid rain.
d) deforestation.

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