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What word means a stream of water moving like a river through the ocean?
a) wave
b) current
c) tide
d) water

In what way do currents move?
a) straight lines
b) up and down motion
c) circular paths
d) back and forth sideways

Where can you find ocean currents?
a) Only on the surface of the ocean
b) Only in the deep parts of the ocean
c) Only by the beaches
d) On the surface and in the deep sections of the ocean

Which is the heaviest type of water?
a) Warm, fresh
b) Cold, fresh
c) Warm, salt
d) Cold, salt

What makes surface currents?
a) rainfall
b) wind
c) amount of salt in the water
d) earthquakes

What make currents move east and west?
a) wind
b) continents
c) water pressure
d) amount of salt

What makes currents move north and south?
a) wind
b) continents
c) water pressure
d) amount of salt

What is climate?
a) Amount of rainfall in an area
b) How much snowfall an area receives
c) Weather over an area over a large amount of time
d) Amount of humidity in a year

Which of the following is a warm ocean current?
a) The Humbolt Current
b) The Gulf Stream
c) The California Current
d) The Jet Stream

What two things control the movement of deep currents?
a) wind and temperature of water
b) wind and rainfall
c) temperature and amount of salt in the water
d) amount of fish in the sea

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