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Brian chipped his hatchet while
a) catching a fish.
b) hitting a tree.
c) throwing it at a porcupine.
d) fighting a bear.

How will Brian make a fire?
a) by rubbing two sticks together
b) by using the sparks from the hatchet
c) with a match
d) with a magnifying glass

What happened in Brian's dream?
a) Brian's mother and dad got married.
b) Terry showed Brian how to build a fire.
c) Brian fought wild animals.
d) Terry and Brian went swimming at the pool.

__________ hurt Brian.
a) A porcupine
b) A bear
c) A bobcat
d) A wolf

Before the animal attacked, Brian was awakened by
a) the movement.
b) the noise.
c) the smell.
d) the scratching.

One delightful treat was
a) the rain keeping the mosquitoes from coming out at dusk.
b) drinking the syrup from the raspberries.
c) finding a spear-shaped limb.
d) walking in the rain.

Brian saw a bear
a) inside his shelter.
b) by the lake near his shelter.
c) in the woods.
d) in the berry patch.

Passing by the gut cherries, Brian found _______ to eat.
a) greens
b) raspberries
c) eggs
d) mushrooms

To keep from getting sick again, Brian
a) went fishing.
b) decided he must find a different food to eat.
c) decided to eat only the ripest gut cherries.
d) decided to eat nuts.

When Brian was unable to sleep, he kept thinking about
a) his father's boat.
b) what he and Terry had done last summer.
c) what he could eat at home.
d) his mother's affair.

What caused Brian to get sick?
a) Brian was sunburned.
b) Brian vomited because of the pain from the cut on his leg.
c) Brian ate too many berries.
d) Brain had a cold.

Brian woke in the middle of the night
a) when an opossum climbed over him.
b) with a terrible stomachache.
c) when he had a nightmare.
d) after hearing a plane.

A good title for chapter 7 could be
a) Raspberries.
b) The Deer.
c) Swimming.
d) Down by the Lake.

A good title for chapter 8 could be
a) The Land of Plenty.
b) A Strange Visitor.
c) Getting Sick.
d) The First Fish.

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