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What is the name of the Hardness Scale used to identify minerals?
a) Strength
b) Mohs
c) Heaviness
d) Miller

Which is NOT a requirement to be a mineral?
a) Inorganic
b) Solid
c) Naturally occurring
d) Liquid at room temperature

What property describes the way a mineral breaks?
a) Cleavage
b) Luster
c) Hardness
d) Streak

What are the two categories of cleavage?
a) Good and Bad
b) Perfect and Good
c) Perfect and Great
d) Great and Poor

What is it called if a mineral breaks the same way almost every time?
a) Good cleavage
b) Average cleavage
c) Perfect cleavage
d) Perfect fracture

Which property describes the way light reflects off of the mineral's surface?
a) Shine
b) Streak
c) Cleavage
d) Luster

Which is NOT a type of luster we discussed in class?
a) Shiny
b) Pearly
c) Greasy
d) Silky

Why isn't color a good test for most minerals?
a) They all look the same
b) Most occur in more than one color
c) Most are either black or gray
d) They don't show their color all the time

Streak shows the color of what material left over after rubbing a mineral on a streak plate?
a) Powder
b) Rocks
c) Liquid
d) Ice

Specific gravity is the _____________ of a mineral.
a) Mass
b) Height
c) Width
d) Heaviness

A mineral's specific gravity can be any number other than?
a) One
b) Ten
c) Zero
d) Two

Graphite is also known as?
a) Coal
b) Gray steel
c) Chalk
d) Pencil lead

Sulfur is known for its smell and leaving a _______________ streak.
a) Orange
b) Bright yellow
c) Neon blue
d) Black

Which common bathroom accessory contains the mineral fluorite?
a) Hand soap
b) Toilet paper
c) Toothpaste
d) Shampoo

The soft mineral talc is ground into a powder to make what?
a) Flour
b) Sugar
c) Deodorant
d) Baby powder

A minerals' properties are largely based on...
a) How its atoms are aligned
b) How big it is
c) How much it weighs
d) How its pieces break off

What are the two ways to classify luster?
a) Shiny and Dull
b) Metallic and Nonmetallic
c) Metallic and Earthy
d) Bright and Dull

Your fingernail can scratch anything less than _________ on the hardness scale.
a) 2
b) 5
c) 1
d) 10

Which mineral is given a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale?
a) Gypsum
b) Calcite
c) Quartz
d) Diamond

Some minerals will do this when liquids like lemon juice are placed on them?
a) Melt
b) Effervesce
c) Freeze
d) Steam

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