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True or False: A picture can be a hyperlink too.
a) True
b) False

If you have the choice between buying something online from an HTTP or HTTPS website, which should you choose?

Why is a directory called a directory?
a) It directs you to the right answers to a question
b) It directs you to another page on a website
c) It directs you to Google
d) I have no idea!

True or False: An IP Address tells the web browser where to find the website you are looking for?
a) True
b) False

What type of file is a .jpg?
a) A Google Doc
b) A music file
c) A folder
d) A picture file

What is the domain name of this URL:
a) .com
b) Hooda Math
c) Games

What does the S in HTTPS stand for?
a) School
b) Safe
c) Secure
d) Shopping

Which of these is NOT a type of extension?
a) .com
b) .gov
c) .net
d) .yet

What is the first part of the URL called?
a) Directory
b) Protocol
c) Document
d) www

Where can you find a URL on a website?
a) At the top of the page in the address bar
b) At the bottom of the page
c) Right in the middle of the page
d) In the Inspect Element page option

What is another name for a Hyperlink?
a) Widget
b) Hype
c) Link
d) Hyper

What does a search engine do?
a) It helps you find resources on the internet you are searching for.
b) It is a program that helps your computer run properly.
c) It teaches you to write HTML code.
d) It's a machine that helps car engines.

What does a web browser do?
a) Looks up things I search for.
b) Gives me facts about a topic.
c) Nothing. It's not a real thing.
d) It reads HTML code for websites and turns it into the actual website.

Which one of these is a web browser?
a) Google
b) Safari
c) Bing
d) Yahoo!

Which of these is a search engine?
a) Chrome
b) Firefox
c) Google
d) Internet Explorer

Where can you find a website's domain name?
a) At the bottom of the page.
b) In the website's logo.
c) You can't find it!
d) In the URL, between the two dots.

What is a URL?
a) A website's location on the web.
b) A type of website.
c) A website you can use at school.
d) A type of computer.

What does URL stand for?
a) Unidentified Reason Logic
b) Uniform Resource Locator
c) Under Root Logo
d) Uniform Robot Location

Which of these is NOT part of a URL?
a) Directory
b) Extension
c) Web Browser
d) Protocol

What is the Internet?
a) It reads the HTML code for you
b) Computers connected in the United States
c) A place to play games
d) Computers connected throughout the world

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