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How does the effect of the Sun’s gravity on Pluto compare with the effect of the Sun’s gravity on Earth?
a) The Sun has the same gravitational pull on all planets that are in orbit
b) The Sun has more gravitational pull on Pluto because it is smaller
c) The Sun has less gravitational pull on Earth because it is closer
d) The Sun has less gravitational pull on Pluto because it is farther away.

Which feature is shared by each of the inner planets?
a) They are larger and more massive than the Sun.
b) They have thick atmospheres of hydrogen and helium.
c) They have rocky surfaces.
d) They each have many moons.

A scriptwriter for the next Star Wars movie has proposed a scene where Kylo Ren’s spaceship lands on Jupiter. Which statement best describes this idea?
a) Worth consideration because it reflects the reality that real life astronauts may be doing the same within the next decade
b) Unrealistic because Jupiter has no surface on which to land.
c) Unrealistic because Jupiter is the closest planet to the Sun and therefore Kylo Ren’s spaceship would immediately blow up.
d) Worth consideration because Jupiter like Earth has all the conditions necessary to support life.

How does gravity support life on Earth?
a) By forcing Earth to continuously spin on its axis, which contributes to day and night.
b) By causing changes in the distance between the Earth and the Sun, which contributes to the seasons.
c) By keeping water and gases in the atmosphere close to Earth's surface, which contributes to life processes.
d) By preventing meteors and comets from hitting Earth’s surface, which protects living organisms from space fragments.

As the Moon revolves around Earth, it is observed in phases. Which best explains the reasons for the phases of Earth’s Moon?
a) The phases depend on the position of the Moon in relation to the Sun and Earth.
b) The phases depend on whether or not the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon.
c) The phases are caused when the Moon casts a shadow on Earth.
d) The phases are caused when the Moon totally blocks the Sun.

Which statement is false regarding the Earth as a planet?
a) The Earth revolves around the Sun.
b) The Earth is the third planet from the Sun.
c) The Earth is the smallest planet in our solar system.
d) The Earth is the only planet that is able to support an abundance of life.

Which planet has a storm that has been raging for centuries?
a) Mars
b) Jupiter
c) Mercury
d) Earth

Which of the following statements is correct when comparing the planets of our solar system?
a) The average surface temperature of Mercury is greater than the average surface temperature on Venus.
b) The Earth's composition and conditions are different from that of the other planets in the solar system.
c) Liquid water is found on most planetary surfaces.
d) All the planets have solid surfaces.

Jeremy goes outside to observe the moon on a clear night but notices that he is unable to see it. Which best explains this?
a) It was in the Full Moon phase and therefore could not be seen.
b) Jeremy was trying to see the Moon when it was orbiting the opposite side of the Earth.
c) It was in the New Moon phase and therefore could not be seen.
d) An asteroid hit the moon, causing it to blow into pieces, never to be seen again.

How does the tilt of Earth’s axis affect the seasons?
a) By changing the amount of direct solar energy reaching the surface of the Earth.
b) By influencing the rate of chemical reactions occurring in the atmosphere.
c) By deflecting the harmful rays of radiation emitted by the Sun.
d) By changing the speed of the rotation of the Earth.

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