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Ice crystals that melt and fall to earth in liquid form
a) rain
b) sleet
c) hail
d) wet snow

Ice crystals that melt and refreeze in the air
a) hail
b) sleet
c) wet snow
d) dry snow

Ice crystals that fall to the earth singly
a) dry snow
b) wet snow
c) sleet
d) hail

Ice crystals that stick together
a) Wet snow
b) sleet
c) dry snow
d) hail

I am the only cloud on ground level
a) fog
b) condensation
c) cirrus
d) cumulus

I am a wispy cloud high in the sky
a) cirrus
b) cumulus
c) stratus
d) nimbus

I am a low blanket of cloud that indicates that rain is coming
a) stratus
b) cumulus
c) cirrus
d) nimbus

I am a puffy cloud that is seen during good weather
a) cumulus
b) stratus
c) cirrus
d) nimbus

What are the three indredients for clouds
a) water, rising air, dust
b) Water, rising air, fog
c) Water vapor, rising temp, dust
d) Water vapor, condesation, cold front

What terms correspond with the development of a cumulonimbus cloud
a) anvil top, updrafts, downdrafts
b) anvil tops, updrafts, condensation
c) anvil tops, downdrafts, polar easterlies
d) Fluffy, puffy rainclouds

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