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How did the men escape?
a) They made a spike, stuck it in dung, and stuck it in Cyclops' eye, snuck out under the animls
b) They squeezed out a crack
c) They found a river and swam out of the cave
d) They put the hot olive spike covered in dung into his ear

What name did Odysseus give himself?
a) Nohbdy
b) Zeus
c) Posideon
d) Polyphemus

What type of tree was used when making the spear?
a) walnut
b) pine
c) oak
d) olive

What type of liquor was used to get the cyclops drunk?
a) White wine
b) brandy , pure and fiery that men mixed with water 1:20
c) honey
d) whey

What is the Cyclops' name?
a) Zeus
b) Sam
c) Polyphemus
d) Laertes

How many men did the Cyclops eat?
a) 0
b) 6
c) 7
d) 20

What is the name of the city where Odysseus is telling the story?
a) Troy
b) Phaeacia
c) Dulichium
d) Ithaca

What is the biggest problem Odysseus has with his men?
a) They are lazy
b) They don't know how to swim
c) They drink too much
d) They are disrespectful and don't listen to Odysseus

What is the name of the city Odysseus is from?
a) Ithaca
b) Troy
c) Syrucuse
d) Detroit

What god sends storms to delay the ships in Sailing from Troy?
a) Apollo
b) Saturn
c) Zeus
d) Helios

What type of plant do the 3 men eat?
a) tomato
b) lotus
c) bananas
d) lettuce

Who is the author of 'The Odyssey'?
a) Homer
b) Shakespeare
c) Rowlings
d) Poe

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