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Identify the characteristic that focuses on individual characteristics, focusing specifically on the details. Like the veins in Michelangelo's David’s hand.
a) Classicalism
b) Linear Perspective
c) Realism
d) Light and Dark

What artist painted the Sistine Chapel?
a) Leonardo da Vinci
b) Michaelanglo
c) Raphael
d) Donatello

The set of legal and military system that was prevalent during the Middle Ages.
a) Feudalism
b) Royality
c) Church oriented
d) Federalism

In what region did the Renaissance begin?
a) Italy
b) Germany
c) France
d) England

The central Italian city-state that controlled banking centers in Europe was
a) Genoa
b) Florence
c) Milan
d) Rome

The most important family in the Renaissance was
a) Medici's
b) Boccaccio
c) Rebissi
d) De Niro

The fall of what empire generally marks the beginning of the “Dark Ages” in Europe?
a) Mughal Empire
b) Ottoman Empire
c) Roman Empire
d) British Empire

Identify the primary influence over people of the Middle Ages.
a) Religion
b) Classicism
c) Trade
d) Royality

The post classical period in Western history between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance is referred to as the
a) Middle Ages
b) Rebirth
c) Age of Discovery
d) Baroque

What disease killed off a majority of the population during the Dark Ages?
a) Ebola
b) Influenza
c) Bubonic Plague
d) Brown Cough

Why was Luther excommunicated?
a) He wrote the 95 thesis
b) He initiated the Reformation
c) He refused to recant his 95 thesis
d) He refused to buy indulgences.

Which of the following is NOT an effect of the Reformation?
a) The pope’s influence declined, and the nation leaders gained power.
b) Reformation laid the groundwork for the Enlightenment.
c) The rise of cultural development known as the Renaissance.
d) C) Promotion of education with some focus on religious aspects-protestant or Catholicism.

What role did Gutenberg’s printing press have in the Protestant Reformation?
a) Spread ideas quickly
b) Jobs for craftsmen
c) Women gained more rights in the church
d) Martin Luther lost all influence in Europe

King Henry VIII separated from the Catholic Church for what reason?
a) He disagreed with the selling of indulgences.
b) He wanted a divorce from his wife and the church would not grant it.
c) He was friends with Martin Luther, and wanted to support Luther’s ideology.
d) He wanted to kill his wife, and the church did not approve of murder.

Which of the following was NOT a cause of the Reformation?
a) The spread of a vernacular bible.
b) Some of the practices of the church were considered unacceptable.
c) Some church leaders became worldly and corrupt.
d) The Renaissance values of humanism and secularism led people to question the church.

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