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Albert Einstein said the following: Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its whole life thinking it is stupid. What do you think he meant (Thiunk about what we have discussed in class)
a) Each of you is intelligent in your own ways, unfortunately sometimes this isnt always recognized at school
b) There are many different ways to learn and demonstrate what you have learned
c) Each of you has the tools to learn, you just need find out how you do it best and use this information to your advantage
d) All of the above

Which of the following is the best way to approach a teacher when you have a concern in their classroom?
a) Right at the time, before you have a chance to forget what has you upset
b) Soon, but wait until you can speak to the teacher in a calm manner in private
c) Not at all because it does no good to talk to teachers
d) None of the Above

True or False - A good firmhandshake can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of the commuication that follows?
a) True
b) False
c) Dont Click This Box :-)
d) Or this Box Either :-)

Effective Verbal Communication requires which of the following?
a) Carefully choosing the words used and the way they are presented
b) Attentive listening
c) An understanidng of body language by the speaker and listenter
d) All of the Above

Which of the following is the Default response of people to our body language
a) Friend
b) Predator
c) Sexual Partner
d) Indifference

Which of the following is the term given to a person who is extremely gifted in one intelligence area while being very low in others?
a) Genius
b) Savant
c) Superbrain
d) Prodigy

Micro Expressions can best be described as...
a) Very quiet verbal statements that can barely be heard
b) Expressions made by people with very small faces
c) Very subtle/quiet facial expressions that show what a person is thinking/feeling - Even when they try to hide it.
d) Expressions made into a microphone

If you learn best by seeing things you are a(n) ______learner.
a) Visual
b) Auditory
c) Kinesthetic
d) None of the Above

If you learn best by physically doing things you are a(n) ______learner.
a) Visual
b) Auditory
c) Kinesthetic
d) None of the Above

If you learn best by hearing things you are a(n) ______learner.
a) Visual
b) Auditory
c) Kinesthetic
d) None of the Above

A person who is high in which of the following intelligence areas would do well in a group academic setting?
a) Interpersonal
b) Intrapersonal
c) Logical/Mathematical
d) Musical

According to the Theory of Multiple Intelligences how many categories of intelligence are there?
a) 1
b) 8
c) 27
d) 6042

What was the name of the dude who developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences that we discussed?
a) Maslow
b) Gardner
c) Freud
d) Mr. B

Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 learning styles we discussed?
a) Auditory
b) Kinesthetic
c) Academic
d) Visual

What is the highest level of the Pyramid of Needs?
a) Self Awareness
b) Self Actualization
c) Self Satisfied
d) Self Image

What is the base of the pyramid of needs where one meets the needs of the body?
a) Psychological
b) Esteem
c) Physiological
d) Love and Belonging

Who was the Psychologist that we studied who developed a Hierarchy of Need that he diagrammed as a pyramid?
a) Maslow
b) Gardner
c) Freud
d) Mr. B

If you are struggling in school next semester which of the following should you NOT do?
a) Come see Mr. B for help
b) Give up, get frustrated and blame the teacher
c) Try to apply the things you have learned about yourself to your learning
d) Try something different if what you are doing isnt working

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