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What do you call the place where something lives?
a) niche
b) habitat
c) nest
d) world

Which of the following includes the living things and the nonliving things that are togethr in a certain area?
a) habitat
b) ecosystem
c) rocks
d) population

Which of the following is not precipitation?
a) rain
b) snow
c) rainbow
d) sleet

What process do plants use to make food?
a) digestion
b) learned behavior
c) photosynthesis
d) metamorphosis

Which of the following is a learned behavior of a human?
a) blinking
b) moving
c) swimming
d) crying

A sample of metal is chopped into pieces. The pieces of metal are most likely to have the same=
a) mass
b) shape
c) volume
d) melting point

Luke has 4 samples of pure water. All 4 samples will have the same-
a) mass
b) volume
c) temperature
d) boiling point

Which trait does a human inherit from his or her parents?
a) length of hair
b) ability to read
c) eye color
d) ability to ride a bike

The role of an organism in its environment is its-
a) habitat
b) adaptation
c) ni.che
d) evolution

Light bends when it moves from one substance into another. This is called-
a) reflection
b) refraction
c) absorption
d) vibration

Which of the following is an example of a learned behavior?
a) a spider spinning a web
b) butterflies migrating
c) babies crying
d) a person tying a shoe

In science a variable is a(an)-
a) prediction based on facts
b) explanation that is widely accepted
c) a feature that is changed during an experiment
d) a feature that is not changed during an experiment

When a person speaks, which body part vibrates to create th sound of his or her voice?
a) teeth
b) lungs
c) vocal chords
d) bronchial tubes

Jessica has a nail and a battery. What else does she need to make an electromagnet?
a) wood
b) wire
c) glue
d) more nails

Some wires are covered in plastic to protect people from electric shocks.Why is plastic a good choice for a covering?
a) plastic is a good insulator
b) plastic is a good conductor
c) plastic has a high density
d) plastic has a low resistance

The tendency of an object at rest to remain at rest is called
a) gravity
b) sound energy
c) density
d) inertia

Which of the stages of a butterfly's life cycle is in the correct order?
a) egg, adult , pupa, larva
b) egg, larve, pupa, adult
c) larva, pupa, egg, adult
d) adult, larva, pupa, egg

Which adaptation helps a frog live in water?
a) lungs
b) gills
c) two eyes
d) green skin

Metamorphosis is -
a) another word for mass
b) a type of rock
c) when something changes form
d) what birds do when they lay eggs

What is the first thing you should do before completing an investigation?
a) pour any liquids
b) read the instructions
c) get out the protective equipment
d) make a data table

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