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____ enables you to resize a worksheet to print on a specific number of pages.
a) scaling
b) maximizing
c) enlarging
d) minimizing

Worksheets printed in ____ orientation are wider than they are long.
a) landscape
b) portrait
c) wide
d) normal

____ are pre-designed workbook files that you can use as the basis or model for new workbooks.
a) templates
b) images
c) forms
d) formats

A (n) ____ is a graphical representation of data.
a) chart
b) data source
c) picture
d) object

Until worksheets are named, they are identified as Sheet 1, Sheet 2, and so on.
a) True
b) False

If a function contains more than one argument, _____ separate the arguments.
a) commas
b) periods
c) colons
d) forward slashes

A cell reference that does not change when copied or moved to a new cell is a(n) ____ cell reference.
a) absolute
b) relative
c) mixed
d) relational

If you know the function you want to enter, you can click the appropriate category button on the ____ tab of the Ribbon.
a) Formulas
b) Insert
c) Home
d) Function Library

You can combine cell contents across several columns and center them. Simply select the cells, and then click the ____ button in the Alignment group on the Home tab of the Ribbon.
a) Merge and Center
b) Merge
c) Align
d) Center

Numbers that extend beyond a cell’s width appear as ____ in the cell.
a) ####
b) ----
c) ????
d) ++++

Excel is the ____ program in Microsoft Office
a) spreadsheet
b) word
c) presentation
d) email

The____ reference is the cell in its upper-left corner and the cell in its lower-right corner, separated by a colon.
a) range
b) cell
c) area
d) print

You can enter a formula with the AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, or MIN function in a selected cell by clicking the _____ button arrow
a) AutoSum
b) Fill
c) Insert Function
d) Formula

The sequence used to calculate the value of a formula is called the ____.
a) order of evaluation
b) sequence order
c) evaluation map
d) sequence map

Which of the following is NOT a type of cell reference?
a) relational
b) absolute
c) mixed
d) relative

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