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The dog runs and caught the ball.
a) ran
b) catched
c) runned
d) missed

She called and makes an appointment.
a) maked
b) callt
c) calls
d) caller

The cat stretched and purrs.
a) purr
b) purred
c) stretch
d) stratch

She studied so she passes the test.
a) studious
b) study
c) past
d) passed

He knows his verbs and it showed.
a) knowed
b) shows
c) shew
d) know

The snake hissed and slithers away.
a) hiss
b) slither
c) slithered
d) hissen

Turkeys ran and hide in the trees.
a) runned
b) hidden
c) hid
d) hides

He climbed the tree and throws pine cones at people.
a) threw
b) clumb
c) throwed
d) throught

I sit and waited patiently.
a) sitter
b) waiter
c) sitted
d) wait

The hunter shoots and missed.
a) shooted
b) misses
c) shoted
d) miss

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