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Having a strong credit rating will cost you more in the long run
a) false
b) true

The three levels of a product include
a) all of the above
b) core
c) actual
d) augmented

If the product life cycle is moving downward; the product is
a) declining
b) only beginning
c) dead
d) at its peak

The core benefits of shoes is what?
a) covers your feet
b) branding
c) comfort
d) price

An ACTUAL benefit of a Ford pickup is?
a) leather seats
b) Ford Brand
c) cheaper financing
d) warranties

The product life cycle goal of any company is:
a) maturity
b) withdrawl
c) introduction
d) decline

Pricing strategy that makes a product seem higher in quality than it actually is
a) psychological
b) exclusive
c) value
d) false

The pricing matrix uses a graph to match items based on quality and price. Companies who lower their price below retail value for high quality products using...
a) penetration
b) economy
c) skimming
d) premium

A toothbrush will most likely be
a) economy
b) penetration
c) skimming
d) premium

Apple's use of ipods, iphones, ipad mini, and all of their different products is using which form of marketing?
a) product line
b) dynamic
c) captive
d) economy

Planning for your future will save you...
a) time
b) money
c) energy
d) all of the above

A four-year degree is a
a) license
b) bachelors
c) masters
d) certification

On the TedED video we watched; how many internal skills do we have?
a) 8
b) 4
c) 12
d) 16

The website we use breaks your career paths into what?
a) clusters
b) facts
c) stramlines

Like Mr. Voeller said daily: my goal isn't to help you find the right job....
a) I want to help you eliminate ones you don't want
b) grab a shovel
c) what's for lunch?
d) let's play Nirtotype!

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