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Which group became more interested in trade after the Crusades?
a) Muslims
b) Missionaries
c) Jews
d) Christians

Who controlled the Holy Land when the Crusades ended?
a) Muslims
b) Missionaries
c) Jews
d) Christians

What was the impact of the Crusades on cultural diffusion?
a) Because Muslims and Christians hated each other, no cultural diffusion happened.
b) Cultural diffusion happened because elements of Muslim culture went to Europe, but not to Arabia.
c) Cultural diffusion happened because elements of Christian culture went to Arabia, but not to Europe.
d) Cultural diffusion happened because Christian culture went to Arabia and Muslim culture went to Europe.

Which statement best describes why knights chose to fight in the first Crusades?
a) Knights loved fighting were promised a ticket to heaven and thought God wanted them to fight
b) Knights believed the enemy would be easy to conquer because knights had better technology
c) knights were forced to fight because nobles commanded it
d) knights were angry about Muslims sneaking onto their lands and stealing their food

In 1095 the ______________ called on ___________to take over Muslim controlled Jerusalem.
a) noble, missionaries
b) Pope, missionaries
c) noble, knights
d) Pope, knights

Which statement best describes the role of the church in spreading Christianity?
a) Churches provide safety to serfs from angry vassals in Europe
b) Churches provide a common identity to Europeans and a fear of Satan
c) Churches offered to help the needy but only in exchange for conversions
d) Even kings followed the church

On October 14, 1066 the Battle of Hastings took place in England and resulted in
a) Charlemagne becoming the Norman King of England
b) Henry IV to destroy both the Angles and the Saxons uniting England under Frank rule
c) William II becoming the Norman King of England
d) Greogry VII conquering the Angles and Saxons uniting England under Norman rule

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of being a vassal?
a) owned huge plots of land
b) got rich off peasant work
c) could have vassals of their own to increase the amount of soldiers to support their fief
d) worked very hard for very little play

How did Catholics add to intellectual life in Europe?
a) They were the only institution that was allowed to print on paper
b) Catholics got to make all the laws in Europe
c) Catholics founded universities
d) Catholics hired scientists to search for the truth

Which statement best explains why Latin was important to the Catholics in Europe?
a) Latin allowed Europeans to have both a common language and religion
b) Latin allowed for trade to happen between Catholics between Europe and other places
c) Latin allowed the Catholics to read ancient Chinese texts
d) Latin is one of the legacies of the Roman Empire

The study of religion is called
a) Free Will
b) Natural Law
c) Theology
d) Philosophy

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